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The VETFest Project starts

The project’s activities were launched at the partnership kick-off meeting, held in the facilities of SPEL, in Espinho, Portugal, on the 22nd and 23th of October 2019. During the meeting, the work plan for the implementation of the Project was presented and agreed by all partners. The tasks and deadlines were set and clarified, and all partners seemed to understand their roles and responsibilities, showing commitment towards the foreseen objectives.

Special focus was placed on the preparation of WP2-Good Practices on VET, which will focus on the collection of good practices in partner countries on events, internationalization practices, EQAVET and professional development of VET teachers/trainers. Following the identification of good practices, the partnership will include them in a “Good Practices on VET Booklet” and select the 12 most relevant to be included in the “12VETFest Plan” that will be implemented in partner countries.