Welcome to VETFest

The VET sector faces various challenges in its course to progression: limited teamwork and exchange of good practices between VET institutions, low social recognition of VET graduation when compared with the regular school learning paths, lack of internationalization of VET institutions, trainers and trainees, difficulties of the VET institutions in implementing quality monitoring mechanisms like EQAVET, outdating knowledge of VET trainers, etc.
VETFest is a Project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, aiming to provide solutions to the challenges faced by VET. It brings together partners with profiles as diverse as local VET networks, networked and not-networked VET providers with different profiles, a national association of start-ups and an institution focused on networking enterprises.
The main mechanism for the exchange of good practices within the network will be the “12VETFest Plan”, a set of 12 VET good practices that schools should implement during the school year. These will contribute not only to the improvement of VET quality but also to increase its impact on learners and external stakeholders.


The Project aims to achieving four main objectives:

  • Creating a transnational network of VET providers.
  • Fostering cross-border cooperation through the exchange and implementation of good practices.
  • Improving the quality of VET through peer counselling for the implementation of EU instruments, namely, EQAVET.
  • Assisting in internationalization actions of VET institutions and the professional development of their teachers.


In order to strengthen cooperation among VET providers by engaging in mutual learning, peer counselling, and capacity building, aimed to raising the quality and attractiveness of VET provision the partners have defined a collection of good practices on VET in partner countries, used for joined-up thinking and mutual learning from tested best experiences. These will be compiled in a Booklet updated and maintained after the funding period.

Regarding the promotion and fostering of the use of EU instruments and the implementation and dissemination of relevant EU tools and initiatives in the field of VET, these will be focused on improving education. Open dialogue on EQF, ECVET, Europass, TTnet, SELFIE will be encouraged within the network. Some of these will be included in seminars organised during the lifetime of the project, such as a workshop for VET staff, dedicated to support mobility applications.

The transnational network of VET that will be formed during the project will set communication channels for the development and share of good practices, and promote the European cooperation. This will result in the dissemination of relevant EU tools and initiatives in the field of VET.

Finally, VET providers that do not yet contribute or benefit from European cooperation will be reached out by the partners. During the project, a Cooperation Protocol for the constitution of a transnational network of VET will be signed. This network will update, disseminate and exploit the project’s results after the funding period.